Aubyn Thompson

Originally from Cork and with a Mechanical & Environmental Engineering background, Aubyn has over 30 years’ experience in the construction industry. He joined Flynn in late 2014 to oversee Flynn’s pre-construction and services’ activities. A keen sportsperson, Aubyn has also emerged as one of Flynn’s most competitive golfers.


The atmosphere is very positive and friendly. It is a really good place to work, where we all work hard in a really upbeat environment. Stories are what we are all about, and the approach to all projects is about building and maintaining long lasting relationships at a personable level. We all meet first thing on Monday mornings to discuss and plan the week ahead and set out what needs to be done across the business, from sales and marketing through to commercial activities — it’s just what Flynn is about, we talk and collaborate at all levels to achieve our ambitions. Everybody in the company gets the same level of respect regardless of position or rank and for me it’s what sets Flynn apart from our competitors.

Aubyn Team Stories Flynn

In times when there are challenges on projects and things can get little tense, you might need to have hard words within a discussion but the attitude across the company is about problem solving and generally once the solution is worked out, the next discussion is when you’re joking about something or telling a story about a similar instance and how that was worked through. The guys (Kevin and Mick) really have a super attitude to people in that everybody has their ‘on’ days and sometimes ‘off’ days but they never judge and they allow people grow within the organisation, which is fantastic.


The Flynn investment in people was one thing that surprised me when I joined. We’re always being put on courses, refresher courses, IMI training days and more recently they have implemented a senior management training programme with ex Irish rugby captain Phillip Matthews. For me, Kevin and Mick Flynn turned around to me and said a few years ago, ‘look you’re a professional in the industry, why don’t you go out and go for your Chartership’ and whilst I was nervous of it at the time, I went and did it and now I’m a chartered construction manager. It’s a testament to the guys that there is drive and encouragement for everybody on their career paths to allow them to succeed.

“It is busy, there’s no doubt about it, but your day goes quickly. You have work to do, but what you do is appreciated. They know you’re busy and they appreciate you’re busy, and they’re thankful that you’re doing what you’re doing. Whereas others would take it for granted.”


Yes, it’s hugely social, beyond anything I’ve ever been part of. We have an engagement group that arranges nights out, running events, CSR activities. We also have a golf society and we all go to a lot of industry events. In fairness as a team I don’t think we’re lacking in our social skills and Kevin and Mick are known as two of the most sociable guys in the construction industry — they’re very well liked out there.