Delivering Success

Creating a built environment around us is a complex and demanding task but it brings with it exciting challenges and opportunites.

Our Expertise

Health & Safety

Effective Health and Safety management is at the core of all aspects within the organisation, at Flynn we take pride in our SMS ‘Safety Management System’ which continually supports the business operations. Our safety management system is a comprehensive process for managing safety and health risks. It is woven into the fabric of our business, forms part of our culture and is evident in our work ethos.



At Flynn, we always strive to deliver our projects in a ‘Doing it Right First Time & On Time’ approach and to the highest of quality standards. In order to implement this management culture across all our projects, we hold an in-house Quality Management System which conforms to internationally recognised ISO 9001:2015 certification standards.



Flynn is a family run business where our success is not only measured in financial terms, but also by how we operate in our community and environment. We take a holistic approach to sustainability, incorporating it into our culture and the work it undertakes. We have committed to a 5-year sustainability plan which includes a series of environmental targets aimed at reducing our footprint including key areas such as the introduction of electric cars to our Flynn fleet, reducing waste and better recycling methods.


Digital Delivery / BIM

We invest in training our people in the technological innovations that are redefining the construction industry. BIM solutions allow us to explore and evaluate a project’s constructability prior to the building phase, so we can improve cost reliability and detect any potential clashes before work begins. They also help us to increase coordination between stakeholders throughout the design and construction process.


Off Site Construction (OSC) / Modularisation

This is one of the fastest projects we have ever completed at the airport. The finished building speaks for itself. It is a handsome new facility with high quality finishes and clean architectural lines. We were working to a very constrained programme to have the building operational ahead of the busy summer season. The project and its innovative use of off-site construction is a fantastic achievement for the whole team. In addition to the programme benefits, off-site construction also meant fewer trades working on site and a smaller site footprint. This approach had far less operational impact for the airport and the closure of fewer aircraft stands with reduced time-frames.”

— Iain Heath, Project Manager, Dublin Airport Authority


Flynn fully comply with the provisions of the Building Control (Amendment) Regulations 2014 on all our projects. We fully cooperate with the Assigned Certifier (AC) for the implementation of the Site Inspection Plan. By fully conforming to the new provisions we eliminate any issues thereby ensuring all our projects are completed on time and ithin the contract price. Flynn co-operate with the Assigned Certifier in the preparation of the Inspection Plan and Inspection Notification Framework and provide the AC with facilities for access and inspection of the works at all times on all our projects.


Neighbour Liaison

Flynn recognize the importance of maintaining good relations with the neighbours of our clients. We treat them as though they are our own neighbours and employ the following strategy for our projects:
Early communication with neighbours is very important, especially to understand their concerns for running their businesses or maintaining a quiet residential area, along with ongoing liaison with interested parties.

Neighbour Liaison

First Day of Business (FDOB)

As part of the post occupancy period on all our projects, we designate a full time coordinator to assist with a smooth transition for our clients staff. We will appoint a designated First Day of Business (FDOB) Manager to assist with any queries or concerns. Coupled with this we carry out a performance review of the building and it’s maintainable assets at both the 12 month defect period and after 24 months. This is to ensure the building is meeting the clients requirements and standards as well as strengthening our future collaborative relationship.


Risk Management

Flynn recognise the importance of managing and mitigating risks for all our projects. Through early identification and partnerships with design teams and trade partners, we can manage all risks on projects and turn them into opportunities that benefit the client and project team. We develop a Risk and Mitigation Register for all our projects which identifies the project risks and what we propose to mitigate the impact of these risks. Once awarded a project, we begin the process by sitting with the entire design team to further develop the Risks and Opportunities. We appoint a dedicated risk owner who will have considerable experience and expertise and will deliver the processes and results required for this project.

Risk Management

Value Engineering

Assisting clients with Value Engineering to meet cost objectives is a regular activity at Flynn. As part of all our projects we will develop a formal Value Engineering Register and before appointing partnering contractors we will continue to see Value Engineering options as part of the service we provide under the Preconstruction/Design period. Our approach to Value Engineering is quite simple, we listen to the client and design teams wishes and act on them accordingly to achieve the best outcomes. We don’t support a post box attitude to commercial management and we heavily encourage all team members to seek options and always question proposals from supply chain partners with a client bias mindset.

Flynn Office MSA

Awards & accreditations

We recognise the importance of challenging ourselves to be better, always striving for higher standards, and developing our talents and growing with our clients.