Remedy Café Scoops Hospitality Project of the year at Fit Out Awards

The Remedy Café (RCSI) found at 123 St Stephen’s Green is the new coffee and study hot spot for the college students in the Dublin area. This café is the perfect escape from the classroom supplying great cuisine, drinks, and a relaxing social/study atmosphere. It provides 200 seats in the basement part, 1784 (named in honour of RCSI’s Charter year), great space for the large crowd flooding in and out daily.

2018 Fit Out Awards

On November 1st, the Flynn team attended the 2018 Fit Out Awards and we were delighted to be part of winning team for Hospitality Project of the year award for this RCSI, 123 St. Stephen’s Green Fit Out! For this fit out we worked closely with Henry J Lyons Architects - Nikki Fetherston, Brian Hagan, Axiseng - Cian Dowling and our client from the RCSI Ronan Baxter.

Rcsi 2