Accenture | Dublin | 2016

Accenture’s hi-tech hub — built for collaboration.

Accenture had a distinct ambition for its new workplace. It wanted a vibrant, flexible office space, built to inspire collaboration and enhance the co-working culture of the company.

In conjunction with MCA architects Rogerson Reddan and JV Tierney, we worked to create an environment that would become an incubator for innovation. Over the course of the project, the seven-storey building was brought to life with an extensive fit-out, including the installation of a glass façade which allows a flood of natural light into the workplace. We installed a variety of quiet areas and communal desk solutions to cater for different ways of working, with pull-down power and data connections. The result was a space that cultivates the imagination, where Accenture employees have the freedom to bring new ideas into being.

Accenture Copy 2


Accenture’s office space at 7 Hanover Quay has become a landmark in Dublin’s docklands, and it is recognised as a world-leading example of a bright, modern, connected building.

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MCA Architects, Rogerson Reddan, JV Tierney