Blackrock Clinic | Dublin | 2017

Getting to the heart of the matter at Blackrock Clinic.

Blackrock Clinic asked Flynn to refurbish a cardiology room and to transform an existing emergency room into another cardiology room. It needed us to deliver this project in a live service environment in order to meet its tight deadline.

We knew that this sensitive project would require a collaborative approach. We handled communication between the design team and the client throughout the process, ensuring that the clinic could conduct normal operations without major disturbance. Effective management of subcontractors was crucial. We instituted full dust protection and segregation of site areas, and works were carried out in two phases to allow the cardiology team to switch stations and keep working during construction.


Blackrock Clinic was impressed by our management of this project. It appreciated that we kept disruption to a minimum while still delivering a high-quality outcome.


Scott Tallon Walker, Linesight, Garland Consulting