DAA | Dublin | 2017

Improving capacity at Dublin Airport.

Dublin Airport is one of fastest growing airports in Europe; in 2017, it welcomed a record number of 29.6 million passengers. To improve capacity and mitigate delays, the DAA asked Flynn to develop a new boarding gate area, South Gates, south of Terminal 2.

The DAA wanted to build a temporary facility with five boarding gates serving nine aircraft parking stands. We worked with the design team of ARUP and Kavanagh Tuite Architects to create a 2,200 square metre modular facility, built offsite in 80 pieces and then transported to Dublin Airport for final assembly. Building offsite ensured that live services could continue at the airport and minimised security concerns.

The new facility was designed to cater for times of high flight intensity – departing flights in the early morning and arriving flights in the evening. It can also be segregated so that departing and arriving passengers can be processed at the same time. The area can accommodate almost 1,000 passengers and includes a café, toilets, baby changing facilities and a workstation area with plugs and charging points.


The feedback from the DAA is that its new boarding area is a resounding success. Innovative and ergonomic, it doesn’t feel or look like a modular building, and it is helping Dublin Airport to cement its position as a world-class airport with an eye on the future.


ARUP, Kavanagh Tuite Architects

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