Eir | Dublin | 2016

Eir gets people talking with its modern new office space.

Eir's goal was to modernise its existing office and transform it into a space that would inspire collaboration. It had just rebranded, and it wanted to instill a fresh approach to teamwork into the fabric of its new workplace.

One of Eir’s stipulations was that its employees had to be able to work during the construction process. In response, we introduced a live project scheme. With live sites, there is always the potential that a client’s employees may get hurt, so we made health and safety our top priority. We only worked during out-of-office hours, cleared our work zones at the end of every day and enforced a strict waste management plan.

The office’s busy city location presented certain logistical challenges. We managed them through meticulous planning, ensuring that all materials were received and distributed with ease. By the end of the project, we had delivered the bright, comfortable office that Eir had requested, complete with open spaces designed to bring staff together.

Eir 02

The Outcome

The telecommunications industry in Ireland is a highly competitive one, and Eir has staked out its presence with its new modern office. It shows that it is motivated, focused on growth and ready to take on all-comers


Reddy Architecture, Scollard Doyle, ARUP