RPA/NRA Merge to become TII | Railway Procurement Agency, Parkgate Business Centre, Parkgate Street, Dublin 8 | 2017

RPA/NRA Merge to become TII

RPA/NRA wanted to completely start over with a full strip out from floors to ceilings to transform the office space into a new modern glow. The goal was to create a vibrant open space to promote an enjoyable work environment, while combining two separate companies into one united TII.

This new office is located the opposite side of the River Laffey from Heuston Railway Station in Dublin. RPA/NRA required the project to be done quickly and efficiently under specific work hour restrictions due to the busy office location. Sustainability was key for this fit out with the installment of new photo voltaic cells in the room and plant areas throughout the facility. Also, Health & Safety was very important with this build, as a result this project was part of our 2016 Safe T cert grading in which we were awarded grade A five years in a row. The new space is a perfect result of the newly polished, modernized, look the client was asking for.

The transportation industry is vital to any Ireland traveler, and as the front runner RPA/NRA needs to stay organized and fresh in a newly updated facility. The fit out has been a tremendous success for RPA/NRA by meeting all requirements needed for their busy work environment.

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