Sustainable Energy Authority Ireland (SEAI) Fit-out | Dublin | 2019

The Sustainable Energy Authority Ireland (SEAI) project consisted of the fit out works of part of an existing 9 storey over basement office building on Hatch Street to create a new office headquarters for SEAI.

The works comprised of all works to complete the CAT A bespoke fit-out which was designed as a state of the art flexible working space with high end finishes between the 3rd and 4th Floors in Three Park Place, Hatch Street, Dublin 2.

This multi floor fit-out project was completed under a Public Works form of Contract. The fit-out works also included the construction of an additional staircase in the open plan area between the 3rd and 4th floors. The works were completed in a live building with a number of other contractors working within the building.
The completed project provides a mix of work settings; open plan and enclosed offices, with touch-down spaces, reception area café/restaurant, meeting rooms, training rooms, focus rooms, break-out spaces, stores, tea/coffee points etc. The fit-out included for major modifications to the landlord building services systems and the introduction of new technology to meet SEAI’s layout and requirements. There was an extensive joinery package included in the works. This project was carried out under BCAR requirements. The working environment deployed is a fully flexible working space which can be re-configured at a moments notice. The works included the construction of a full cooking kitchen with associated plant and equipment. LEED Gold standard principles were applied for this fit out project. The complexities of the project were that it was executed in a busy city centre location and logistics had to be very thoroughly planned with the adjoining properties/neighbours. Long lead elements such as the FCU Units had to be ordered very early due to the lead time issues associated with this element and all other long lead items were thoroughly tracked through a long lead item schedule to ensure no programme slippage occurred.

Fit-out works on other floors in the Three Park Place development were ongoing during the SEAI fit-out works with the works also being in close proximity of existing occupied offices within the building and buildings adjacent the site and bounding the site. We appointed a full time Stakeholder / Tenant Manager for the duration of the project. This was crucial as there was occupants on all other floor of the building and there was also other contractors working on different floors. Our stakeholder manager carefully coordinated all meetings with the key personnel and managed the interface with the other contractors. This was a key part of the success of this project. Noisy works were carefully planned and detailed method statements were completed prior to all tasks. Detailed risk registers were completed as the number one priority was to provide a safe work space for all including the live occupants of the building. With the project located in Dublin City Centre, Hatch Street Upper, logistics needed to be carefully planned and coordinated so no disruption occurred.


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