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Our Commitment

We accept our responsibility for our environment and are committed to protecting and enhancing it by seeking to conserve natural resources through the responsible use of energy and materials.

Flynn Management & Contractors adheres to all legislative and regulatory requirements, as laid out in our Environmental Management System.
We are striving for continuous improvements in environmental performance with an emphasis on pollution prevention and optimum energy efficiency.

Leadership In Energy & Environmental Design

Flynn Management & Contractors are members of USGBC (United States Green Building Council) and Michael Flynn our Construction Director is an Accredited LEED Green Associate.

The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) rating was created by USGBC to provide a framework for meeting sustainability goals and assessing building performance. Although many of our clients decide not to comply with LEED Certification, Flynn Management & Contractors implement the LEED Green Principles on each of our projects.

Environmental Management System

Flynn Management & Contractors are ISO 14001 accredited and have a comprehensive Environmental Management Policy which outlines company policy and our risk management strategy.

We aim to minimise negative impacts on our environment and fully incorporate environmental issues into the project specific Safety Plan, which is audited on regular basis.

Energy Performance

Flynn Management & Contractors recognise that energy use is a critical social and economic issue. 

We work closely with the design teams to reduce energy demand, increase energy efficiency and to maximise ongoing energy performance by the implementation of a comprehensive and early commissioning programme during the project.

Quality & Environmental Policy

Our Quality and Environmental Policy is designed to support the provision of construction solutions in both private, semi-state & public bodies

These requirements will be achieved using trained, well resourced personnel to increase the profitability and company value whilst improving its market share and its customer satisfaction level.

Flynn Management & Contractors Limited will: 

  • Comply with all statutory and regulatory requirements as required by their industry
  • Comply with all standards to which the company subscribes
  • Put in place controls to minimise and where possible eliminate pollution risks associated with its business
  • Actively encourage both suppliers and clients to pursue environmentally beneficial processes and projects on an ongoing basis
  • Endeavour to continuously improve by setting of objectives and targets at all levels of the company and communicating these to all staff to encourage their
    participation in the achievement of this improvement
  • This policy will be communicated throughout the organisation and will be reviewed on a regular basis and updated in line with business changes or when the
    regulations and/or standards to which it subscribes are updated.
  • There will also be ongoing reviews of the Quality and Environmental Management System and all staff members are continuously encouraged to participate in same.

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