Connolly Hospital | Dublin | 2011

A revamp for the geriatric unit at Connolly Hospital.

The HSE wanted to revamp and upgrade its existing geriatric unit at Connolly Hospital to create a more comfortable environment for patients, visitors and staff.

It was critical that this project didn’t disturb the operation of the hospital, and our experience of working in live environments served us well. From the outset, we put in a number of mitigation measures to minimise noise, dust and vibration, and we collaborated with the design team to ensure that all works complied with hospital protocols. By the end of the project, we had extended five wards and installed new bathroom and shower facilities on each of them.


The new geriatric unit is now a more accessible and tranquil space, which benefits patients, visitors and staff alike. Our client was very satisfied with both the delivery and the outcome, and it has engaged our services on further projects since then.


HSE, A&D Wejchert Partners Architects