Cumberland House | Dublin | 2016

A bright and sustainable tech HQ.

Our clients wanted to transform long standing offices set in a classic Georgian Terrace into a light-filled contemporary space, worthy of being home to one of the top-five global tech corporations.

The task of realising their vision for Cumberland House. Over the course of 2016, working closely with MCA, Lafferty, Metec and other key partners, we transformed the building inside and out creating a working environment built to facilitate the buzz and activity of a young and dynamic tech hub. The new space boasts an abundance of natural light, together with external green areas and high quality indoor air circulation allowing employees to do their best work in a world-class setting.

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The Outcome

Cumberland House today is recognised globally as a leading example of a modern, innovative office space. Importantly, it fulfils our client’s commitment to protecting the environment through responsible and innovative business practices. Furthermore, the building serves not just as a space for work but also for social, cultural and educational events.

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Arup Consultants, Ashview Consultants, Casey O’Rourke Associates, i3pt, KSM, KMCS,Lafferty Project Management, MCA Architects, Metec Consulting Engineers, Michael Slattery & Associates, OCSC.