Goshawk | Dublin | 2018

Goshawk’s vision takes flight with new Molesworth Street offices.

Aviation leasing company Goshawk wanted us to remodel its new office space on Dublin’s Molesworth Street and create a headquarters that supported its collaborative working style. Its vision was a workplace that encouraged productivity and creativity but also employee happiness.

Goshawk’s ethos of thinking differently has been integral to its success, and we wanted its office space to embody that. Working closely with C+W O’Brien Architects and JAK Consulting Engineers, we created a working environment that embodies diversity and youth, reflecting the vibrancy of the surrounding area.

The company’s new headquarters sit in the heart of the city, yet natural light falls on every façade. Our open-plan layout flows naturally, encouraging togetherness and communication.

Cw Goshawk 5


The aerospace industry is a highly competitive one and with many international lessors coming into Ireland, Goshawk needed to solidify its position. With these innovative, unique offices, it shows competitors that it is a motivated challenger that is ready to take on all-comers.

Cw Goshawk 4
Cw Goshawk 3


C+W O’Brien Architects, JAK Consulting Engineers Limited